A Little Inspiration

This week’s five articles that couldn’t escape my radar:


In illustration class this week I was recommended to peruse to work of Australian illustrator Shaun Tan. I had been creating a piece based off of fantastical worlds and my professor thought that his work would be just the right remedy to any creative block I was having. After drooling over his beautiful images, I found an interview he had done with author Neil Gaiman (who just happens to be my very favourite author of all time). You can read the interview here.


The next article is a tutorial on how to make a pinafore dress out of an old floor length skirt. It definitely speaks to my inner would-be fashion designer, but as a college student with little money and no time, maybe I should save this page for winter break. However it’s way too adorable to not try at some point. Learn how to make it here. 


My love for hand lettering is awakened with these gorgeous pieces that layer together traditional landscape with very contemporary block lettering. The only thing that I can think of to properly describe Wayne White’s “Invisible Ruler” show is with that idiom, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. And the whole is simply majestic here. 


At home, a favorite vegetable is brussel spouts. My mom makes them baked with kimchi, a Korean pickled cabbage that is spicy and flavorful. But the taste is definitely an acquired one, so I’ll be sending her this article from the blog Love and Olive Oil which features an amazing looking recipe for tart cherry-glazed brussel sprouts, which will sound appetizing to even the pickiest of eaters. Well, in my opinion. Get the recipe here.


And finally, something for my gaming side. Nintendo is constantly reaching into my wallet with all the things they come out with. Between the Pokemon game being released this fall, to Super Smash Brothers this holiday season, and the “new” 3DS coming this winter, this classic spin on new technology is very unnecessary, but it’s nice just to dream about. Take a look for yourself here. 

And that’s it for today!


A Little Inspiration

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