A Little Inspiration

Another dose of inspiration in the form of five articles:


An Italian artist living in Brooklyn, Laurina Paperina makes delightfully morbid and whimsical cartoons. They draw from pop culture and bright vivid imagery that tap into the dark humor parts of us. Take a gander here. 


My boyfriend’s favorite dessert are the Little Debbie Swiss Roll cakes. Well I found a recipe for a GIANT ONE. And I did end up baking it, and it was so perfect and so delicious. Not to mention that the moment when you pour the ganache on top of the cake is a semi-religious experience. Here’s a picture of what mine looked like:


A few personal modifications aside, you can have what I had here. 


I love milk, I love water colors, I love good, friendly design, I love these milk cartons from Finland.


A very interesting article about 3D imaging in Jurassic Park and how it’s helped improve technology to create realism with these creatures none of us have seen in real life, dinosaurs! Read all about it here.


This short story by David I. Masson was written nearly fifty years ago, but it still entertains and enthralls science fiction fans today. Namely, me. An examination of the uselessness of war, it poses points that could have been drawn from Masson’s past in war. Read it here.

Log in again next week for more inspiration!


A Little Inspiration

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