A Little Inspiration

More inspirational, design, DIY, and food posts that I think you should see too.


Emma Watson is most famous for portraying Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. However she’s used her fame, and charm, intelligence and eloquence, to do so much more than most actresses of our time. This July she was appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and as of the last week has used this position to launch a campaign called HeforShe, promoting feminism as a movement that men and well as women should be in full support of. Listen to her inspiring speech and read more here.


Found in a locker beneath old gym clothes was the 1970s Standards Manual. This manual created a signage and wayfinding system for the New York City metro, bringing modern design into the transportation systems one of the biggest design hubs in the world. Chock full of typography, this manual once lost is now being republished in a limited printing release. Take a look at some of the pages and read about it here. 


An easy pea-sy DIY this week from Rookie Magazine, felt badges. If I can get my hands on some felt, I’ll be making dozens of badges and patches for my plain sweaters, starting with Pokémon probably. Now where’s the nearest Michael’s to Wilmington, DE?… Learn how to do it here.


Boxes of Death returns for a fifth year in a row, featuring fifty artists from all over the US and even some international artists. What are they all doing? Building their own coffin, of course. This is one of the coolest ideas, offering the task to artists of all backgrounds, from motorcycle artists and sculptors to painters and graphic designers. Regretfully, this four stop tour is only on the west coast, but hopefully there will be a lot of pictures to browse after the event. Take a look at the “trailer” here.


And finally, some really cool gif art from one of my favourite childhood animes, Dragonball Z. Take a look at these beautiful vector draw gifs here.

Have a great week and tune in here for more next Wednesday.


A Little Inspiration

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