The Creative Process

Tasked with illustrating the creative process on a Wednesday night, all I could think about is pizza. But if you consider it, ordering a pizza for a group is a lot like the creative process.

You have to define the type of pizza you want. Is it worth paying the extra few bucks for a large? Probably. You have to discover all you options. There’s a dozen topping choices and I want them all, but what does everyone else want? You have to design the pizza. Luckily, these days we can specify what we want on a pizza online by clicking the options, instead of having to describe over the phone exactly what portion of the pizza will be covered with olives and to go easy on the sauce, please. Then of course someone will chime in that you’re ordering it WRONG, so you’ll have to refine the order to make everyone happy. And finally, it’s delivered, and you get hot pizza and happy friends.

Scan 2


The Creative Process

4 thoughts on “The Creative Process

      1. The timing is very easy … make the dough in the evening before bed in about 20 minutes, stick it in the fridge and then you can cook the pizza any time over the next few days. Let me know how it turns out when you get “a round” to it.


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