A Little Inspiration

Here are five articles to get your brain rolling in a creative direction as we move toward the weekend.


Business card creators MOO have rolled out this set of delightfully creative call cards for fictional characters, but in traditional format and a fresh look with square cards. My personal favourite is the Dorian Gray card, the feeling very fitting of the character in my opinion. And of course, who couldn’t love the Heisenberg card? Take a look for yourself here.


This week’s DIY from Rookie Magazine is a sheer floor length lace skirt, perfect for layering and looking mysterious in this October season. Another case of no time, so add this to things to do in the future. Learn how to make this be-witching look here.


Living near DC means that I get my favourite type of food, Afghani, at least once a month. Living in Wilmington means I have major cravings with no way to be satisfied. But this recipe from the guys at Sorted Food looks like it would be delicious and easy, especially dipped in cucumber yogurt sauce. Mmmmm. Learn how to cook it with their fun YouTube instructional video.


Speaking of food, take a look at Australian based designers Gabrielle’s and Jeremy’s “Sandwich” posters. These posters aim to mimic a certain movement of art, using the forms of bread and meat sandwiches. Get you’re dose of bright, yummy design here.


Finally, last on the list is a movie recommendation. Tuesday night I went down to Theater N (in Wilmington), and caught a showing of the tenth “Found Footage Festival”, a curated selection of VHS clips found in thrift stores from around the country. The creators were there to add live commentary and the whole thing was a surprisingly hilarious time. Check out their website here for some clips and other things. 

That’s it for this week!


A Little Inspiration

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