A Little Inspirtation


In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Flickr user Brechtbug has compiled photos of classic Halloween masks. It’s interesting to look at the categories separately, seeing different stylizations of the same classic monster we all know. Take a look at the bright and colorful costumes here. 


This photographer did a shoot for Vice, with a lot of negative feedback about her work and the model that her photos featured. So she wrote this piece, how to deal with criticism from the masses, how to survive as an artist in this hyper-critical internet driven world. Read it for some insight here. 


Johnny Cupcakes are releasing their beautiful Halloween teeshirts. This is a great example of illustration integrated with lovely typography, as well as very well done, whimsical packaging. I sort of want one now. You might too. 


This recipe by smittenkitchen.com speaks to me on many levels. I love sweet foods turned savory, waffles, and latkes. I’m always finding excuses to get my mom to make latkes outside of Hanukkah season, and this might be the perfect idea to send to her. Learn how to make these delicious potato waffles here.


Photographer Hannah Whitaker visited families in several countries to investigate what children in different cultures eat for breakfast. The idea that sugared cereal or an omelette is that we can eat in the morning is totally wrong. Reading this and looking at the bright, beautiful photography reminded me of growing up and being fed tiny sardines with rice and sinagong soup for breakfast, and wondering why no one else ate like I did. Take a look here.

That’s it for this week! See you in the next post.


A Little Inspirtation

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