A Little Inspiration


I’ve always ruminated on the thought of producing a zine of my own work, but the truth is no one would probably buy it. I need enough cohesive work to fill a few pages, plus a creative idea behind the whole thing. Marci Washington’s zine though is truly a collection of her work, what she calls “all her paintings living together”. Check out a preview of it here.


This recipe for a sushi burger literally made my stomach growl in the library, even with the video on silent. It’s two of my favourite foods combines. It’s like giant sushi. It’s the ultimate food. I can’t wait to get home and make like ten of these. Salivate at this beautifully done video here.


There’s something spooky about animal masks, but what can make them even spookier is to sterilize them by making them geometric shapes. The contrast between a very ordered mask and a human form is striking. I wish I had one of these for Halloween night. 


Although I have absolutely no money to spend on video games, I can’t help but pine away for the new Super Smash Bros for the 3DS. Especially the prospects of this eight player mode that look wildly crazy, and great fun. Read about the initial reaction to this special fight mode here.


Cao Hui gives sculpture a gory twist by giving it the appearance of meaty flesh. It’s unsettling, the look of the red against the cream he uses. Take a look of them here. 

That’s it for this week!


A Little Inspiration

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