A Little Inspiration


Post-Halloween always makes me feel a bit sad. Especially this year, Halloween felt very lackluster. Being busy with work has sucked the joy out of the season. I’m pretty sure that I’ve even missed the turning of the leaves, but I’ve been trapped in my dorm so who knows. However I found this playlist by the Steve at Rookie Magazine that has helped me cling onto the spooky season, perfect for playing while working on classwork or cooking. Listen to it here. 


Who knew that Andy Warhol used to be a children’s book illustrator? Who knew that he lived in an apartment filled with cats all named Sam (and one Hester)? Who knew that his mom was an artist as well? All these facts come together in the illustrations of a book written and illustrated by Warhol and his mother: 25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy. Look at it here. 


Butternut squash has to be one of my favourite foods in the entire world. It’s sweet, it can be savory. You can bake it, you can stew it, you can make it into pasta. Here’s a delicious looking recipe for squash with vinegar onions on top of toast, in a simple bruschetta type dish. Can’t wait to try it, maybe I’ll make it for Thanksgiving. Learn how to make it here.


Combining both beautiful design and video games, the book Everyday is Play brings the world of video game art and design in a single text. From pixel art to concept sketches, this book lays out the ideas from games past and present. Take a look at some samples from it here.


One last thing in the vain of Halloween, even though it’s becoming quite passé. Here is an article featuring some designer’s work on mimicking classic horror movie posters. I wish I had found this article earlier…for typography is this last week we had to design a “Spirit Week” Halloween poster for my school’s holiday festivities. It was a contest, with about 20 posters competing. We were only allowed to use glyphs we could find in a typeface. Of course, this allowed for finding cool wingdings online, but I shied away from using one of those directly. Andddd, mine won first place! I won a really nice poster tube that expands to almost my height, which is a fact that makes me very giddy. Take a look at the article here. And my poster below!


That’s it for now!


A Little Inspiration

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