A Little Inspiration


I came across this article a few days ago and I couldn’t resist taking a look. RISD Graduate Rob Macinni has photographed farm animals in the most wonderful way.  Goats (as well as cows, pigs, horses and other farm friends) photographed as if they were movie stars. Not glammed up, but in their natural setting, with a high sense of personality and fun. Take a look for yourself here.


Although many people hate on Comic Sans, it is known to be a typeface that is easily read by those with dyslexia. With dyslexia, character shapes that look alike mirrored (for example b, d, p) can get mixed up in the brain. However, with enough irregularity in a typeface between character shapes, it’s easier to read for those with the learning disorder. Christian Boer has designed a rather regular looking typeface that has irregularity in it to make it ideal for teaching children with dyslexia. Look at it here.


Edamame is one of my favourite veggies. Like snap peas, but crunchier and more substantial. Plus they’re super healthy, as well as being hearty. So this gorgeous green soup, made of edamame and spinach, would make the perfect healthy, delicious meal. Learn how to make it here.


I’ve always hated the “gay best friend” stereotype. It’s dehumanizing, seeing a person as an accessory rather than a human being. It’s taking someone’s lifestyle preference and making it something comical. My best friend Josh and I met in the sixth grade, competing in a game of algebra around the world on the first day of school. We were inseparable for many years, our parents thought we were going to get married, and when he came out to me at the end of high school, I wasn’t surprised. But it didn’t change anything. Read this article to hear a similar story and to hear the writer’s insight on it.


Photographer Brandon Voges brings a new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat” with this series of whimsical portraits, comparing people to…donuts! He uses color, shape, and texture to mimic the model, making beautiful, fun photos. Take a look here!

That’s it for now!


A Little Inspiration

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