A Little Inspiration


I made a 3D poster for graphic design near the beginning of the semester, and let me tell you, it was harder than anticipated. Especially from a black and white design. But it works. Here’s how I found out how to do it. Try it for yourself!


One of favourite directors of all time is Wes Anderson. I don’t know if it’s the tweeness of his films, or the symmetry, but I love it all. And now there’s a whole exhibition of art based around his work. Oh how I wish I could go. 


Bold design always catches my eye. These Japanese posters have a hard graphic quality about them that I find very inspiring. Plus who can deny typography with the japanese characters? Take a look here.


I’ve been looking at style guides lately for class and for some freelancing. Here are some gorgeous ones. Who says the design has to stop with just the branding? A designer designs everything. Take a look at them here.


These pulpy posters inspired me for an illustration project I had. The style is colorful, dreamy, and interesting. Take a look here.

That’s it!



A Little Inspiration

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