A Little Inspiration


This is UNREAL. This is some next level art from the Japanese Edo Period. Want to know what it is? MEN FARTING. That’s right, fine japanese paintings of men releasing gales of wind from their behinds. Check them out here.


If I ever get spare money, I would subscribe to Hi-Fructose. This art and design magazine is filled with beautiful contemporary art. But for now I’ll settle for their website, which publishes articles about new things in the art world everyday. Take a look here.


Always inspired by the vintage, I found this website which features photographs from all decades past. Definitely a great resource for references and for style inspiration of course. Take a gander. 


This website is amazing. Featuring all sorts of contemporary design, it lets you sift through them by color. You can choose up to five colors to get inspiration of how to work color in with your art and typography. Get inspired here.


Although I tend not to eat a lot of meat, I really haven’t had any good meat while at college. In fact I think I dreamt of a hamburger last night. Maybe it was because of this video that features delicious meat based appetizers. 

That’s it for now!


A Little Inspiration

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