A Little Inspiration


Here they are, the best movie posters of 2014, including the glorious Grand Budapest Hotel and a movie that I really want to see but hasn’t come out yet, Inherent Vice. They are beautiful, combining two of my favourite things, design and film. Take a look at all of them here! 


My parents can tell you, I love calendars. I was thinking about making my own calendar over break for this next year, but after seeing this I’m both inspired and disappointed in my own ideology. These modern calendars are beautiful, colorful, and perfect to hang up on your wall. Take a look here. 


3D printing is on a new scale, fashion. this dress can function, shift, and look beautiful, and it’s completely 3D printed. It’s the wave of the future, people. Take a look here!


This large, modern typography is a way to push type to the edges of your design and make it look beautiful. Take a look here.


As the holidays are coming up, I’ve been looking for the perfect wrapping paper. This is probably two high end for me, but it’s gorgeous. 

That’s it!


A Little Inspiration

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