Finding the Light

This week for photography I got to visit some very cool abandoned places to capture photos that used light as part of the subject matter. These creepy old places tended to have a soft light that spoke to the feeling of disrepair and isolation that the setting evoked. Here are a few of my favourite shots!


In this shot I liked the way the photo was composed, with the light taking up most of the top of the image while the bottom was shrouded in darkness.


The soft light on these stairs compliments the darker color scheme, and the darkness of the upper portion of the staircase gives an air of the unknown.



Here light is purely the subject, filtering in to an otherwise darkened composition.


I played with levels of foreground and background here, the shadows creating a texture in the wall foundation.

This was my first time using a camera on manual and it was a lot of fun! There’s a lot to remember with camera settings and I can’t wait to try to make more images as I learn more about photography.

That’s it for now!



Finding the Light

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