Farmers Market Posters

I created three posters for Downtown Wilmington’s Farmers Market. I designed for three specific audiences, families, potential vendors, and people who work in Wilmington. To suit these audiences I designed each of the posters to have different content and different design elements. However, each poster is tabloid size (11×17 inches), large enough to be posted on bulletin boards or on storefronts and immediately catch attention. The series itself is cohesive in many elements, including the design style, the color palette, the information copy, and the typefaces.



Audience: Families

Content: The unique copy on this poster is at the top and in the bottom bar. The top reads “Unique Shopping + Baked Goods.” These two attractions of the Farmers Market would be particularly attractive to families who want to spend a day shopping, for fresh produce or handmade crafts. It also implies that there will be food to snack on, baked good specifically indicating sweet snacks, which children would enjoy. The bottom reads, “Fun for All”, which of course invites people of all ages to attend.

Style: The design elements on this page are flowers, specifically hops. Hops are used to make beer and imply merriment. The background pattern is a honey comb pattern which alludes to nature and goods. The colors and imagery were picked to convey a warm summery feeling, but still incorporating earth tones.


Audience: Potential Vendors

Content: The copy on this poster reads “Artisan Crafts and Local Produce”. These are broad categories of things that would be sold and bought at a Farmers Market. When potential vendors read this followed by “Vendors Needed”, they will be more likely to apply for the market with their wares.

Style: The imagery on this poster is specific to the vendor audience, featuring vendor tents that would be seen at a market and “foliage” which is really a lettuce leaf, alluding to fresh produce. The background is a play on the honeycomb, but make a more structured cube pattern. The colors are in the same scheme as the other poster, however this poster is much more “fresh”, using more green and even some pure white.


Audience: People Who Work in Wilmington

Content: People who are working won’t have a long time to stop at the Farmers Market on a Wednesday, so it has to appeal to their lunch hour. The copy states that the market has “Live Entertainment and Fresh Food”. This implies that the market would make a fun and different venue for a lunch hour or spending some free time at. The bottom reads “Perfect Pitstop” which solidifies the idea of a visit that can be quick, but fulfilling.

Style: This poster uses summer imagery and color to convey a warm feeling to the viewer. The photo uses is of a yellow sunflower, which has colors that are echoed in the other designs. The texture comes from a “skeletal” dragonfly, employing the texture of it’s wings and body. The colors are hot to catch the eye, but keep within the same earthy family that I’ve been using.

That’s it for now!



Farmers Market Posters

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