Homasote Wall WIP

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.56.54 AM

This is a draft of what my homasote wall will look like. My goal was to give a sampling of a lot of projects, creating visual impact and excitement. This also displays the variety of types of work I’ve done.

Homasote Wall WIP

Farmers Market Posters

I created three posters for Downtown Wilmington’s Farmers Market. I designed for three specific audiences, families, potential vendors, and people who work in Wilmington. To suit these audiences I designed each of the posters to have different content and different design elements. However, each poster is tabloid size (11×17 inches), large enough to be posted on bulletin boards or on storefronts and immediately catch attention. The series itself is cohesive in many elements, including the design style, the color palette, the information copy, and the typefaces.



Audience: Families

Content: The unique copy on this poster is at the top and in the bottom bar. The top reads “Unique Shopping + Baked Goods.” These two attractions of the Farmers Market would be particularly attractive to families who want to spend a day shopping, for fresh produce or handmade crafts. It also implies that there will be food to snack on, baked good specifically indicating sweet snacks, which children would enjoy. The bottom reads, “Fun for All”, which of course invites people of all ages to attend.

Style: The design elements on this page are flowers, specifically hops. Hops are used to make beer and imply merriment. The background pattern is a honey comb pattern which alludes to nature and goods. The colors and imagery were picked to convey a warm summery feeling, but still incorporating earth tones.


Audience: Potential Vendors

Content: The copy on this poster reads “Artisan Crafts and Local Produce”. These are broad categories of things that would be sold and bought at a Farmers Market. When potential vendors read this followed by “Vendors Needed”, they will be more likely to apply for the market with their wares.

Style: The imagery on this poster is specific to the vendor audience, featuring vendor tents that would be seen at a market and “foliage” which is really a lettuce leaf, alluding to fresh produce. The background is a play on the honeycomb, but make a more structured cube pattern. The colors are in the same scheme as the other poster, however this poster is much more “fresh”, using more green and even some pure white.


Audience: People Who Work in Wilmington

Content: People who are working won’t have a long time to stop at the Farmers Market on a Wednesday, so it has to appeal to their lunch hour. The copy states that the market has “Live Entertainment and Fresh Food”. This implies that the market would make a fun and different venue for a lunch hour or spending some free time at. The bottom reads “Perfect Pitstop” which solidifies the idea of a visit that can be quick, but fulfilling.

Style: This poster uses summer imagery and color to convey a warm feeling to the viewer. The photo uses is of a yellow sunflower, which has colors that are echoed in the other designs. The texture comes from a “skeletal” dragonfly, employing the texture of it’s wings and body. The colors are hot to catch the eye, but keep within the same earthy family that I’ve been using.

That’s it for now!



Farmers Market Posters

Daily Routine

This week I created a short photo series that I art directed, designed, and shot. The theme was self identity, and I tried to capture a few different angles, including being female, being an adult, and growing up brown in a white community. Within the three photos it gives a little taste of each. It was a lot of fun shooting in a studio, and I’d love to experiment more in the future.

This first photo composes red beauty products against the “regimented” background of a green cutting matte. In the center framed by the objects in a strip from a birth control pack, which implies daily routine of the most thought of sort. But it also implies the prettiness of being female against the more ignored things, like medication or hormones.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.42.13 PM

The next piece juxtaposes two different ideas, culture (where I was born vs what I was born as) and age (growing up vs staying young). The jewelry is a bracelet from when I was very young from my aubuelita and a necklace from now. There is the package of birth control pills vs candy. And it’s framed by two growing plants.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.42.39 PM

The last is a picture of me cutting shapes out of bread, cutting them to fit a “mold”. Once cut, I flipped the bread to it’s white side, to imply hiding the brownness of the bread just like I tried to assimilate in my community.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.42.49 PM


That’s it for now!


Daily Routine

Finding the Light

This week for photography I got to visit some very cool abandoned places to capture photos that used light as part of the subject matter. These creepy old places tended to have a soft light that spoke to the feeling of disrepair and isolation that the setting evoked. Here are a few of my favourite shots!


In this shot I liked the way the photo was composed, with the light taking up most of the top of the image while the bottom was shrouded in darkness.


The soft light on these stairs compliments the darker color scheme, and the darkness of the upper portion of the staircase gives an air of the unknown.



Here light is purely the subject, filtering in to an otherwise darkened composition.


I played with levels of foreground and background here, the shadows creating a texture in the wall foundation.

This was my first time using a camera on manual and it was a lot of fun! There’s a lot to remember with camera settings and I can’t wait to try to make more images as I learn more about photography.

That’s it for now!



Finding the Light

A Little Inspirtation


In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Flickr user Brechtbug has compiled photos of classic Halloween masks. It’s interesting to look at the categories separately, seeing different stylizations of the same classic monster we all know. Take a look at the bright and colorful costumes here. 


This photographer did a shoot for Vice, with a lot of negative feedback about her work and the model that her photos featured. So she wrote this piece, how to deal with criticism from the masses, how to survive as an artist in this hyper-critical internet driven world. Read it for some insight here. 


Johnny Cupcakes are releasing their beautiful Halloween teeshirts. This is a great example of illustration integrated with lovely typography, as well as very well done, whimsical packaging. I sort of want one now. You might too. 


This recipe by smittenkitchen.com speaks to me on many levels. I love sweet foods turned savory, waffles, and latkes. I’m always finding excuses to get my mom to make latkes outside of Hanukkah season, and this might be the perfect idea to send to her. Learn how to make these delicious potato waffles here.


Photographer Hannah Whitaker visited families in several countries to investigate what children in different cultures eat for breakfast. The idea that sugared cereal or an omelette is that we can eat in the morning is totally wrong. Reading this and looking at the bright, beautiful photography reminded me of growing up and being fed tiny sardines with rice and sinagong soup for breakfast, and wondering why no one else ate like I did. Take a look here.

That’s it for this week! See you in the next post.


A Little Inspirtation